Saturday, 9 May 2015

A.W.O.C (Absent With 0ut Crafting) !!!


I haven't disappeared from blog land, I'm just popping in to keep everyone updated. I had some bad news at the end of March, I've been getting headaches for a several weeks and my doctor sent me for a CT scan and they found a brain tumor, so I have been in hospital for several weeks having the tumor removed.
I'm home now and am starting radiotherapy on Monday to get rid of the remaining tumour, so I am starting the road to recovery.

Unfortunately I had to resign from my design teams (which broke my heart), but I felt like my work was slipping & I could no longer concentrate.

I've started to get my pencils out and my adult colouring books to keep practising, its slow but I've seen an improvement already :)

Whilst I've been in hospital I've been following everyone's blogs, all the work you've been posting has been keeping me going over the last few weeks.

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